CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

I am pleased to welcome you visiting our website and wishing to take our services. I believe in quality services and I know you are looking for such a company. I ensure you that you are in the right track.

My passion to establish Califsol Consultants, Inc. was a response to incessant inquiries by numerous parents on how their children could go abroad for further studies like I did. Over the years, I have given sincere advice to numerous families, but many of them did not take to genuine advice. Many found dubious and illegal means of sending their children abroad only to regret their action later. Establishing this company is a patriotic and professional response to the aspirations of those who are ready to approach going abroad for further studies in legal and less painful way.

Empowering the students with quality education in a wider horizon is the mission we embrace at Global. As the Chairman of Califsol Consultants, I am privileged to be a part of the education scenario today. Understanding the competitive environment, we strive to facilitate excellent educational options for the personal growth and career fulfillment of students aspiring to study abroad.

In the emerging context of global economy and community, having a globally accepted degree from abroad secures a bright future ensuring an ever-advancing career profile. As an ISO 9001-2008 Company, we provide vital service to obtain admission to popular courses in premium institutions abroad. Ours is an adaptable service package that ensures complete support and guidance right from pre-application processes. 

Our highly dedicated and committed team strives to achieve excellence in the field of overseas educational consultancy and I am honored to be the leader of this team. With a keen focus on quality education, we are steadfast in our path, giving assistance and aid to students for attaining meritorious heights. We work closely to serve students in fulfilling their academic dreams through a cost-effective package and professional guidance.

I feel that studying abroad is a very important decision and one wrong advice may lead students to end up on a wrong course at a wrong university. It’s essential that they choose their academic service provider with a proven track record. Let me assure all my students and partners that our goal remains that we would like to help our student community as well as our valuable partners to excel in their career goals with honestly and quality. We look forward to answer your queries and ensure effective assistance for education overseas. 

Warm Regards & Thank you.
Muhammad Waqas
Chief Executive & Founder
Califsol Consultants.

Seven Obvious Reason Of Why Should You Choose Us

  • We have EASY and AFFORDABLE payment plans available
  • We take only those applications which we think will be SUCCESSFU
  • We have 99% Visa application SUCCESS rate
  • We provide EXCELLENT customer services
  • We are QUICK at processing visa appeals, applications & extensions
  • We are UP-TO-DATE with the latest immigration news
  • We REWARD our clients if they refer their relatives, friends, colleagues to us

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